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Having dedicated my career to employment and human rights law, I have assisted employees and employers of all sizes and types across all major industries in Canada. My skillset includes the following areas: 



  • Contract and workplace policies

  • Terminations, including just cause, wrongful & constructive dismissals

  • Recruitment and hiring

  • Performance management

  • Human rights & accommodation 

  • Executive compensation agreements

  • Workplace harassment and sexual harassment

  • Human Resources

  • Workplace health & safety and accessibility obligations

  • Confidential information

  • Workplace training

  • Privacy



  • Wrongful & constructive dismissals

  • Contract review & negotiations

  • Human rights & accommodation

  • Employment standards

  • Stock, deferred equity, options, bonus, LTIP, STIS and other equity grant/award agreement 

  • Restrictive covenants, including non-solicitation and non-competition agreements

  • Workplace harassment and violence

  • Reprisal/retaliation

  • Pay equity

  • Privacy



While my starting point is always to aim to resolve disputes without the need for formal legal proceedings, sometimes litigation is necessary and justified. I am a fierce advocate and have experience representing clients before the: ​​​​


  • Supreme Court of Canada

  • Ontario Court of Appeal

  • Ontario Superior Court of Justice

  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

  • Canada Industrial Relations Board

  • Small Claims Court

  • Ontario Ministry of Labour



I am an experienced workplace and institutional investigator, having tackled investigations of all kinds and sizes for employers that range from public and private companies, to government, university, condominium, and hospital settings.

My experience includes investigating the following workplace issues:

  • Workplace harassment & bullying

  • Hostile and poisoned work environments

  • Assault & sexual assault 

  • Violence

  • Discrimination

  • Academic & research integrity

  • Fraud

  • Abuse of authority

  • Code of conduct and ethics policy violations

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Reprisal

  • Bad faith complaints

My priority is to conduct an impartial, procedurally fair and legally defensible investigation while keeping costs, confidentiality and timelines in mind. Given my practice as a specialized employment and human rights lawyer, I bring a well-informed perspective on policy and legislation breach analyses, with a focus on fact-based conclusions. I understand the need to be sensitive to the process needs of all parties and I employ a trauma-informed and anti-oppression lens to my investigations.


I offer a competitive hourly rate for my investigation services.

Magnifying Glass

Legal Consulting

Too busy to do it yourself?

Whether prepping for trial and need help bailing out the boat or want that extra few hours in the day to take the kids to soccer practice, I am here to help other lawyers’ practices run smoothly. Since founding my own firm, I have enjoyed providing legal consulting services to sole practitioners and small law firms looking to increase their bandwidth or who simply want to get a second opinion. 

My legal consulting services include:

  • Contract & policy drafting

  • Case specific opinions

  • Severance package negotiations, including demand letters and responses to demands

  • Termination, performance & discipline correspondence

  • Training services (i.e. conducting workplace investigations)

  • Cease and desist correspondence

  • Research memos

  • Litigation services, including:

    • Drafting pleadings, mediation & settlement briefs, and facta

    • Conducting mediations & examinations

    • Court/tribunal/board appearances (case & settlement conferences, motions, summary judgment, trial etc.)

  • Workplace investigation assistance

I offer a competitive consulting rate which is negotiable, depending on the project and scope of work. 

Get In Touch

Email me at and I will get back to you within one business day.

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