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What they have to say

Greg Purdy, CEO

Julia Burke is a talented legal mind with a fresh understanding and connection with people’s needs no matter the size of the organization, I highly recommend her.

Alexandra N.

Julia was very thorough when advising me and provided me with excellent advice and options. She was also conscious and considerate of time, so that I was aware of the costs involved and ensured that we used our time effectively. When working with Julia I felt confident that I was receiving sound legal advice, and felt that she was committed to achieving the best possible outcome for me. In the end, I felt that the matter was resolved very well, thanks to Julia. In the future, if needed, I would I turn to Julia again for representation.

S. Baptista

Julia was a pleasure to deal with. Very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Julia effectively communicated the possible outcomes of our case so we could make educated decisions on how to proceed. We would not hesitate to recommend Julia to others.

Vic T.

I had the pleasure to work with Julia Burke who represented me with a severance claim. She carefully explained and guided me through the process making sure that I fully understood the process, risks etc. Julia was very quick to respond to all my requests and at all times was patient, professional and respectful. I had a satisfactory outcome thanks to Julia and would highly recommend her to deal with any legal issues and would definitely obtain her services again if needed.

Melissa M.

I can’t recommend Julia Burke more! Low costs, and gets the job done!

A. Singh

Very professional, supportive, informative, and managed my emotions and expectations through a difficult time. Highly recommend reaching out with questions to help you make decisions on next steps for your situation.

Brooks H.

The pandemic has brought about so much change in everyones lives and mine is no exception. Julia provided me excellent guidance, advice and representation. I valued Julia's transparency, responsiveness, and neutrality during the process which was foreign to me, and would recommend her services.

Kathryn K.

I can’t say enough great things about Julia. She was compassionate and sensitive to my situation. She made sure to explain every step of the process to me- while explaining costs and my options. I really appreciated her honesty. 

John Paul P.

Julia reviewed my severance package and asked important questions while she listened to my story with empathy and professionalism. Julia’s immense knowledge of employment law, human rights and OHSA enabled her to demand more entitlements on my behalf which resulted in a favorable settlement. During the past few months (and throughout the pandemic), Julia was always available and tirelessly working on my behalf. She can anticipate opposing counsel’s strategies, quickly manage complex scenarios and always provided me the best advice. While negotiations can be daunting, Julia’s remarkable ability to cut through the legalese and clarify the major points that matter in a concise and simple manner made it easy for me to understand. I was never overwhelmed and always felt confident in Julia’s expertise... Thank you very much, Julia and I am very proud to have you as my lawyer!

Ellen Low, Managing Partner

Julia delivers high quality legal services – every time, on time and within budget. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and responsive. Working with Julia is a pleasure. I trust her work and could not recommend her more.

Jacob R.

When engaging with Julia I could tell right away that she was extremely knowledgeable. More importantly, she took the time to help me understand the various aspects/risks related to my case, and the associated potential outcomes. She was very quick to respond to all of my inquiries, and her attention to detail is amazing. I also felt that she was genuinely passionate about driving a successful outcome for me, and cared about my well being from many different perspectives. I would highly recommend Julia, she is fantastic to work with. 

Helen J.

Appreciate all the assistance provided to me by Julia Burke. She was responsive, patient and provided me guidance at each juncture. 

Carolina S.

Julia is a fantastic lawyer, very knowledgeable and efficient, she makes sure to reach the best outcome possible and takes the time to explain all the pros and cons of each step. Highly recommended.

Mary Jane E.

I worked with Julia Burke. She was excellent. I loved that she was professional, responsive, supportive and also did all the work in a time- sensitive manner and "pestered" the other side when she need to to obtain a response. I would highly recommend her . And will be doing so.

Anna M.

I am extremely pleased. Julia provided helpful legal guidance throughout the process and always looked out for my best interest in every aspect of my negotiation. Her legal knowledge and insight was thorough and prompt. I would highly recommend Julia for legal services.

P. M. 

Thank you so much to Julia Burke for being professional, honest and compassionate while working with me on my case. Julia’s representations, guidance, clear explanation of the process and possible choices I had in my case made this difficult time for me much easier to go through. Because of that, I was able to make right decisions for me and achieve the best result in my case... Thanks again Julia!

Renee L.

Julia Burke was fantastic. She was very attentive to our goals and what we were looking to accomplish. Again it was a learning experience on understanding expectations related to Provincial Court Laws and how to best represent yourself to ensure you are being treated fair. Julia helped us present our position to the company to allow for the opportunity to have valued dialogue. 

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